Art Department Celebrates Winter and Sp/Su 2020 Graduates

Over the next several weeks, the Art Department will be highlighting graduating students from the department in various ways—a few students were interviewed, some submitted final projects, some tagged us in photos. While this does not substitute for a face-to-face graduation ceremony, we found we could not let this moment pass without highlighting our Creative Warriors and all they have accomplished over the years! Visit the Commencement page for more graduation celebrations!

The James Pearson Duffy Department of Art and Art History is pleased to feature Creative Warrior Evelyn Hoey, BFA Art, Fibers, one of three generations to graduate from WSU in Winter 2020!

Evelyn Hoey graduated in May 2020 from the Department of Art and Art History with a BFA Art, and a concentration in Fibers. Evelyn also recently celebrated her 70th birthday. After her retirement from administrating, she has been able to garden, spend time with her family, and focus on her interest in fibers.  Evelyn is self-taught in sewing, knitting, crocheting, and has always had an interest in learning weaving. Because of her interest in the Fibers concentration offered by the art department, the tuition discount for students over the age 60, and her proximity to campus, WSU was a perfect fit for Evelyn.

Evelyn's favorite part of attending WSU was having her daughter, Sarah Williams and her granddaughters Emma and Annabelle, nearby as they are all also attending WSU. In fact, Evelyn is one of 3 generations to graduate from WSU during the same semester. Sarah will be graduating with a Bachelor's in Communications, with a concentration in journalism, and Annabelle will be graduating with a Master's in Athletic Training. Emma is set to graduate with a Bachelor's in Theatre in December of 2020. She has loved their support, encouragement, and interest in each other's work. Evelyn has loved the Art department for the encouragement of her professors, specifically Heather Macali, her weaving instructor, and Susan Moran,  her print/dye instructor. Not only has Evelyn gained a mountain of knowledge from them, but they also encouraged her to follow her passions, which includes natural dyes.

During her time at WSU, she has learned that she has an interest in other arts as well, such as small metals, ceramics, and sculpture. When she first started in the program, she was encouraged by the words of her weaving instructor: "Don't worry, there's nothing you can do that I can't fix." This statement was freeing to Evelyn, truly allowing her to experiment and learn from each mistake. Her advice to incoming art students is to take Global Art of Africa and/or Islamic Art and Architecture. She found them delightful ways to learn art history and helpful for her personal growth.

Evelyn looks forward to being able to have time to do art that is not class related, has plans to continue learning about natural dyes, and possibly even start her own dye garden.

The Art Department wishes to thank Kalianne Lewis, BA English W'20, for interviewing Evelyn for this article.

For more graduation celebrations, visit the Art Department Facebook and Instagram pages over the coming weeks! If you are graduating this Winter or Sp/Su 2020 semester and would like to participate, email Art Department Academic Advisor Avanti Herczeg at