Industrial Design Courses

3200 Ethnographic Research Methods for Designers

Introduction to a set of theoretical and methodological approaches stemming from the field of anthropology. Students utilize these approaches to enrich and inform their design processes from conceptual creation, to ideation and design development, to user testing.

3300 Introduction to Industrial Design

Introduction to fundamental skills necessary for the practice of industrial design. Two-dimensional presentation techniques are developed in first half of semester; second portion consists of exercises in problem-solving methodology.

3310 Presentation

Two dimensional visualization, monochromatic and polychromatic sketch techniques using a variety of traditional media.

5300 Advanced Studio/Product

Advanced techniques in presentation of design solutions. Students build upon their ability to communicate two-dimensionally; introduction of digital manipulation and creation software.

5302 Advanced Studio/Batch Production

In this studio class students will learn about techniques of batch limited production of design objects and aspects of entrepreneurship. Students will design, produce, package, and market a simple consumer object.

5310 Advanced Presentation

Advanced techniques in the presentation of design solutions. Students build on their ability to communicate two-dimensionally, with introduction of digital manipulation and creation software.

5330 3-D Modeling

Principles of three-dimensional modeling. Surface development, rendering, and creation of virtual environments.

5997 Senior Seminar

Seminar on contemporary issues in industrial design including professional concerns in transportation and product design, presentation, and production. Satisfies the General Education Writing Intensive Course in the Major requirement.

6301 Design for Urban Mobility

Considers broad questions of mobility and how design can enable and support mobility through urban space. Students will engage in projects that address these questions in different ways including products, spaces, experiances, and other forms of design interventions.

6310 Advanced Studio/Exhibit

Advanced design concepts in exhibit design. Project planning, ideas of brand imaging, phenomenological notions of the spatial experience.

7300 Graduate Industrial Design

Individual problems in industrial design.