Graphic Design Courses

2230 Introduction to Typography: Skills and Concepts

Introduction to typography through the use of digital and hand craft skills and conceptual framing for working with letter forms and the layout of text. Assignments and demonstrations to develop thinking and making abilities.

2240 Introduction to Graphic Design: Skills and Concepts

Introduction to graphic design skills (digital and analog) and concepts necessary for working with images and type. Assignments and demonstrations will develop design thinking and creative abilities.

2250 Typography

Fundamental understanding of structure, history, technology and application of typography, the visualization of language. Functional and experimental aspects of typography; typographic syntax and hierarchies.

3250 Graphic Design I: Principles and Problem Solving

Visual communication issues and applications: design methodology, problem-solving, relation of form to meaning, type/image relationships.

3260 Introduction to Interactivity in Graphic Arts

Exploration of a variety of art-making strategies that utilize digital technologies and interactive media; emphasis on computer-based and online art practices and web-oriented programming languages.

3270 Introduction to Illustration

Introduction to the role that illustration plays within graphic design; students will use both traditional and digital media to create illustrations and hand lettering to communicate messages intended for reproduction.

3700 History of Graphic Design

History of the discipline of graphic design from its early practices to the present, with an emphasis on technological and theoretical advances that took place during the twentieth century.

4250 Graphic Design II: Word, Image, and Visual Organization

Students apply knowledge of typography and visual design principles to specific design situations; emphasis on use of grid systems.

4270 Intermediate Illustration

Development of illustration skills; students will learn to effectively use both traditional and digital media to create illustrations and hand lettering to communicate messages intended for reproduction. Students engage in problems that demand research, creation and management of numerous visual and informational elements within a given visual product.

5260 Senior Seminar

Issues affecting the theory, history, and practice of design; impact of design on society and impact of society on design. Required readings, student presentations, class discussion, slide lectures, guest speakers. Satisfies the General Education Writing Intensive Course in the Major requirement.

5700 Special Topics

Examination of specific issue in design theory, history or practice. Topics may include: corporate identity, globalization of design, exhibition design, design history.

5740 Interactivity

Theory and practice of digital user experience design. Includes prototyping and some programming for the design of websites, apps, and digital media. Builds on foundational interactive, typography and graphic design skills.

5890 Directed Projects: Graphic Design

Individual problems.

5990 Field Study: Internship

Supervised field experience designated to correlate classroom theory with practical work.

5997 Senior Studio

Extended student projects such as identity systems with various applications, families of package design, series of form design, or poster series. Possible collaborative projects; extensive research.

6260 Advanced Typography

Advanced and experimental typography; typography as an expressive language in 2-D and 3-D; projects in information design.

7250 Graduate Problems in Graphic Design

Individual problems in advanced advertising design.