Curriculum Guide

Eric Troffkin MFA, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Assistant Professor and Area Coordinator of Sculpture
Recent Part-Time Faculty:
Kathy Rose Pizzo, Katie MacDonald
Michael Bogdan Sculpture and 3D Studio Supervisor
Robert Taormina Art Studio Supervisor (Department Woodshop)


Mission Statement

The sculpture area at Wayne Sate University fosters a creative atmosphere in which the varied histories, conceptions, and manifestations of sculpture can be actively realized. Students, along with their faculty and staff, form a dynamic learning environment where a diverse range of backgrounds, subjects, and goals are explored, discussed, and given shape. While each instructor offers students a different perspective on sculpture, a shared vision exists and is focused on the development of a student's ability to intelligently express herself or himself while contributing to culture, perhaps as a practitioner in the arts, but most importantly as an engaged and thoughtful citizen.

What can I do with a degree in Sculpture?:

Sculpture majors working in related professions include: teaching, mold maker, digital sculptor, stone cutter, materials technician, woodworker, production artist, 3D artist.


Additional information: