Change of Major or Minor Form (To add a majors and/or minors within the Department of Art and Art History)

Art Department Override Request Form (Courses within the Department of Art and Art History)

School of Business Override Request Form (Fashion Merchandising students)

Woodshop Safety Handbook

I need an course override in the Art Department. What is the process?  
1. First, you will need to ask the instructor (via email) of the course if they will allow you permission into their course OR email your advisor to confirm you have met all pre-reqs.

2. Fill out an override form (see above in "Forms"--fill out with your information and ALL of the course details in the appropriate boxes.  

3. Attach approval email from either the instructor or advisor to the override form.

4. Once processed, you will be sent an email letting you know that you can register for the course. 


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