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Is there a portfolio review required for admission? 

     No. There is no portfolio required for admission to the department at this time.

Is it possible to graduate from the art department in 4 years?

    Yes. Consistently meeting with your academic advisor and following the program sequence of study will aid in completing your program within 4 years.   

How much does a bachelors degree cost?

     To calculate the total cost of tuition, refer to the Tuition and fees charts.

Does the department offer scholarships?

     Yes. The scholarship aid reported here is an addition to the financial aid provided by the univeristy and federal programs such as Pell Grants. Visit the scholarships page for more information!

How do I learn more about internships?

     While the department strongly encourages students to participate in internships, they are not required. While the department cannot promise to find you an internship, faculty members have strong ties to the professional community in Detroit and across the country. We encourage students to speak to the area coordinators of their degree programs for more information on receiving possible credit for any internship.
I need an override. What is the process?  
1. First you will need to ask the instructor (via email) of the course if they will allow you permission into their course OR email your advisor to confirm you have met all pre-reqs.

2. Fill out an override form (see above in "Forms"--fill out with your information and ALL of the course details in the appropriate boxes.  

3. Attach approval email from either the instructor or advisor to the override form.

4. Once processed, you will be sent an email letting you know that you can register for the course.