Undergraduate Programs:                                               Graduate Programs:
Bachelor or Fine Art, Art                                                     Masters of Fine Arts
Bachelor of Fine Art, Design                                               Masters of Arts
Bachelor of Art, Art History
Bachelor of Science/Art, Design and Merchandising
Bachelor of Art, Art
Department Mission
The James Pearson Duffy Department of Art and Art History is a community of students, staff, and faculty that advances the study and practice of art history, design, and fine art.
Department Vision
We sustain and further these disciplines through rigorous research, creative production, instruction, and community engagement within the context of an urban research university.
To realize this vision the department will:
  1. Offer relevant and innovative programs grounded in faculty expertise
  2. Support the research and creative activity of students and faculty
  3. Develop lectures, workshops, exhibitions, and events that engage diverse audiences
  4. Cultivate a supportive and collaborative environment for critical thinking, visual literacy, and creative practice
  5. Provide safe and professional facilities for our students, staff, and faculty
  6. Promote the importance of an arts education within a university context