Wayne Professional Print Workshop


The WPPW is open only to professional artist who possess experience in at least one printmaking technique. A single class or workshop is not considered sufficient experience. All applicants must submit a resume or statement outlining their experience. In some cases, the applicant may also be asked to provide a portfolio of either slides or actual works. Any question of eligibility will be referred to the Workshop Advisory Committee, which will make the final determination as to an applicant's acceptance.

Applicants should:

  1. Hold a BFA, MA, or MFA in printmaking OR
  2. Have at least three courses in printmaking at either a university or professional print workshop.

(Survey courses are not applicable)

Since the WPPW is not a teaching situation, it is critical that all participants be fully knowledgeable with all methods and techniques they plan to employ, in order to protect both themselves and the facilities.

Online Application


The WPPW meets on Saturdays, from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. The workshop's schedule basically follows the regular terms of the university. There are three terms; fall, winter and spring. The fall and winter terms last 14 weeks and the spring term lasts 10 weeks. Participants may sign up for the entire year (38 weeks), an individual term (14 or 10 weeks) or, on a very limited basis (a single session).


Participants may register for the entire year (three terms) or for an individual term: fall, winter or spring. Restistration for a single session is permissible only if space is available on a particular day. Costs include both the general fee and a materials fee, which goes directly to provide the supplies and materials that are used by the workshop.

In the event that a participant is unable to complete the term for which they have registered and paid, they may request a refund in writing. It will be the decision of the Director and the Advisory Committee as to what would constitute a fair refund.


A trained monitor will be present whenever the workshop is in session. The monitor will assist all participants with learning the functioning of Wayne States' facilities, provide supplies, and help solve any problems that may arise. The supplies that will be available are the chemicals, solvents, grounds, acids, and other specialized substances used for image preparation and cleanup. There will also be black inks, newsprint, roll kraft-paper, rags, tarlatans, blotters, towels, rulers, files, matt-knives, spatulas, tape and most other general hardware associated with a print studio.

Not Provided

We will not provide the colored inks, printmaking papers, drawing materials, plate working tools, brushes, aprons, blocks, screens, litho lates and other matrixes associated with image making.

Each participant must provide the safety equipment required by the techniques they are using: such as goggles, apron, gloves, respirator, etc.

For more information contact:

Wayne Professional Print Workshop
Dept. of Art and Art History
Wayne State University
Detroit, MI 48202
(313) 577-2980