Curriculum Guide


Adrian Hatfield MFA, Ohio University, Assistant Professor of Painting and Drawing (Research Interests: Oil Paintings and dioramas dealing with the visual language of science.)
Margi Weir MFA, University of California at Los Angele, Assistant Professor of Painting and Drawing

Recent Part-Time Faculty:

  • Ani Garabedian
  • Josephine Primeau

Program description:

The Painting and Drawing program, which has a long history of producing nationally prominent artists, offers a diverse array of courses designed to prepare students pursuing careers in art. It is based on providing a solid foundation in painting and drawing fundamentals through a rich exploration of tradiational media and techniques. Intermediate and advanced courses encourage students to develop a critical and conceptual approach to their contemporary art and culture. The program includes a graduate curriculum offering Master of Arts and Master of Fine Arts degrees in both Painting and Drawing.

What will I study?

  • To train students to develop aptitudes and an aesthetic understanding appropriate to the art of painting.
  • To understand the importance of deliberate and informed action in painting.
  • To value the intuitive and less rational in the painting process.
  • To fully utilize painting's expressiveness.
  • To acquire a broad range of technical skills and knowledge of painting media.
  • To appreciate the responsibility and significance of a commitment to making art.
  • To develop an heightened awareness of his/her own needs and purposes as an artist.

What makes this program unique?

  • Two painting studios
  • Individual studio space for advanced painting majors
  • Painting various subjects (various media)
  • Presenting work
  • Class / Individual critiques
  • Setting up still life / model

What can you do with a degree in Painting? Painting majors working in related professions include: Independent Artist, Professor/Instructor, Illustrator, Painting Restoration. For more careers in this field, speak to your academic advisor or the Painting area coordinator.