Industrial Design

Curriculum Guide


Brian Kritzman MFA, Cranbrook, Associate Professor of Industrial Design
Research Interests: Historical and contemporary notions of object culture
Siobhan Gregory MFA, Univeristy of Illinois at Chicago, Senior Lecturer of Industrial Design
Research Interests: Industrial Design and Design Anthropology
Claas Kuhnen MFA, Bowling Green State University, Lecturer of Interior Design and Industrial Design
Research Interests: Interior design, industrial design, 3D digital design and animation
Eric Strebel Adjuct Instructor, Industrial Design
Instructional Specialities: Product design, modelmaking, prototyping, presentation techniques
Tom Hicks Adjuct Instructor, Industrial Design
Instructional Specialities: Product design, advanced presentation techniques

Program description:

Industrial Design determines the look and the function of new mass-produced consumer items and branded spaces. Our curriculum teaches methodologies in design research, prototyping, visual communication / presentation techniques, and more. Students learn a broad set of skills to perform successfully as industrial designers, design researchers, and in emerging interdisciplinary design fields like service design and experience design. Our design faculty teach complex ideas like object appropriateness; product personality and brand essence; accessibility and diversity; material culture; and the impact on individual lives through the creation and use of meaningful objects and spaces.

What makes this program unique?

  • Small class sizes and hands-on, dedicated faculty 
  • Student collaborations with university research teams and external partners / local entrepreneurs
  • Studio courses that encourage building (proof-of-concept model-making and prototyping)
  • Small batch production and retail / market activities 
  • Design process / design thinking 
  • Design research methods / design anthropology 
  • 3D modeling with a targeted focus on Fusion 360 
  • Digital labs, rapid prototyping, woodshop (fully equipped and staffed)
  • Yearly portfolio reviews
  • Designer Dialogue presentation series 

What can you do with a degree in Industrial Design? Industrial Design majors working in related professions include: Toy Designers, Car Show Exhibits, Parts Designer, Transportation Design, Exhibition Design, Shoe Design, Furniture Design, Design Research, Experience Design, Service Design. For more information, speak to your academic advisor or the Industrial Design area coordinator.