Full-time faculty

Danielle Aubert
  • Danielle Aubert
  • Associate Professor, Graphic Design
  • 3108.3 Old Main
  • 313-577-2980
  • cj8807@wayne.edu
  • Danielle Aubert is a graphic designer whose work examines materials, methods of production, machines and labor. She is the author of The Detroit Printing...
Allana Clarke
  • Allana Clarke
  • Assistant Professor
  • hf8220@wayne.edu
  •  Allana Clarke is a Trinidadian-American artist whose practice is built upon a foundation of uncertainty, curiosity, a will to heal, and an insistence upon...
Jessika Edgar
  • Jessika Edgar
  • Assistant Professor, Area Coordinator of Ceramics
  • Rm 60.2, Art Building

  • 313-577-2990
  • jessikaedgar@wayne.edu
  • Jessika Edgar is a ceramic artist based in Metro Detroit. Her research focuses on concepts related to identity and value through an investigation in...
Sarah Franklin
  • Sarah Franklin
  • Associate Professor, Art History
  • ai4589@wayne.edu
  • Margaret Franklin, PhD, University of Cambridge (2000), teaches Renaissance and Baroque art in the Art and Art History department. She has published...
Siobhan Gregory
  • Siobhan Gregory
  • Senior Lecturer | Industrial Design
  • 305.2 Shaver

  • Siobhan Gregory is an industrial designer and applied anthropologist, living and working in Detroit. Her research focuses on the progress of a more...
Richard Haley
  • Richard Haley
  • Lecturer, Digital Art
  • 3125.3 Old Main
  • 313-577-2980
  • richard.haley@wayne.edu
  • Richard Haley is an artist working in animation, video, photography, and web-based works. His work has been exhibited nationally in galleries, museums,...
Adrian Hatfield
  • Adrian Hatfield
  • Associate Professor, Painting and Drawing
  • 3141.5 Old Main
  • av4486@wayne.edu
  • Adrian Hatfield’s multi-media art examines the modes of visual communication developed within religion, science, and 19th century Romantic landscape...
Margaret Hull
  • Margaret Hull
  • Assistant Professor and Area Coordinator, Fashion Design and Merchandising
  •  2135 Old Main

  • 313-577-2980
  • margaret.hull@wayne.edu
  • Margaret Hull  is an interdisciplinary artist and designer working in textiles, garments, performance, installation, and video. Through material,...
Quinn Hunter
Lauren Kalman
  • Lauren Kalman
  • Associate Professor, Fine Art (Core Studio, Metalsmithing, Ceramics, Sculpture), Elaine L. Jacob Endowed Chair
  • 150 Art Building
  • 313-577-2980
  • ex2503@wayne.edu
  • Lauren Kalman is a visual artist and internationally recognized jeweler and metalsmith, based in Detroit. Her practice is invested in contemporary craft,...
Brian Kritzman
  • Brian Kritzman
  • Associate Professor, Industrial Design
  • 255 Art Bldg.
  • ab3792@wayne.edu
  • Brian Kritzman , M.F.A., Cranbrook Academy of Art, Associate Professor in Industrial Design. Brian Kritzman’s experimental design work has been...
Claas Kuhnen
  • Claas Kuhnen
  • Lecturer, Area Coordinator Interior Design
  • (715) 513-9118
  • Ez5554@wayne.edu
  • Claas Kuhnen is a German 3D designer with a strong interdisciplinary education bridging industrial, graphic, and 3D animation design.  He received his...
Evan Larson Voltz
  • Evan Larson Voltz
  • Associate Professor, Metalsmithing
  • 52.1 Art Bldg.
  • aj7332@wayne.edu
  • Evan Larson-Voltz is a craftsperson and visual artist whose work examines the various facets of handwork as an action and prime endeavor that shapes human...
Heather Macali
  • Heather Macali
  • Assistant Professor, Fashion and Fibers
  • 150 Art Building
  • 313-577-2980
  • fn1603@wayne.edu
  • As a contemporary fiber artist Heather has focused primarily on color, pattern, texture, distortion and memory.  Her use of color and pattern arose out...
Katie MacDonald
Saima Mohammad
  • Saima Mohammad
  • Lecturer, Graphic Design
  • 3110 Old Main

  • fe7328@wayne.edu
  • Saima Mohammad holds a BFA in Graphic Design from Eastern Michigan University. In 2015, she earned her MFA in Design & Technology from Parsons School...
Judith Moldenhauer
  • Judith Moldenhauer
  • Professor of Art, Graphic Design
  • 3108.2 Old Main

  • aa4725@wayne.edu
  •   Judith Moldenhauer is Professor of Art in Graphic Design. Her research and work focus on user-centered health care information design and the...
Samantha Noel
  • Samantha Noel
  • Associate Professor, Art History, Hawkins Ferry Endowed Chair
  • ft1591@wayne.edu
  • Samantha A. Noël is an Associate Professor of Art History and the Hawkins Ferry Endowed Chair in Modern and Contemporary Art at Wayne State University. She...
Jennifer Olmsted
  • Jennifer Olmsted
  • Associate Professor, Art History
  • Schaver
  • ay2092@wayne.edu
  • Jennifer Olmsted received her PhD in art history from Northwestern University. At Wayne State, she teaches courses on European art of the eighteenth,...
Sheryl Oring
  • Sheryl Oring
  • Professor and Chair
  • sheryloring@wayne.edu
  • Sheryl Oring ’s work examines social issues through projects that incorporate old and new media to tell stories, examine public opinion and foster open...
Monika Sinclair
  • Monika Sinclair
  • Lecturer, Fashion Design and Merchandising
  • Old Main, Room 2135

  • 313-577-2980
  • monika.jonevski@wayne.edu
  • Monika Jonevski is a fashion marketing strategist and applied visual communication specialist, living and working in Detroit and New York City. Her...
Millee Tibbs
  • Millee Tibbs
  • Associate Professor, Photography
  • millee.tibbs@wayne.edu
  • Millee Tibbs work derives from her interest in photography’s ubiquity and the tension between its truth-value and inherent manipulation of reality. She...
Eric Troffkin
  • Eric Troffkin
  • Associate Professor, Sculpture, Graduate Officer
  • eg2919@wayne.edu
  • Eric Troffkin is a Detroit based sculptor working across a range of three-dimensional media, including fabricated steel, cast plastics and cast metals. With...
Margi Weir
  • Margi Weir
  • Associate Professor, Painting and Drawing
  •  3129 Old Main


  • margiweir@wayne.edu
  • Margi Weir , an Associate Professor of Painting and Drawing at Wayne State University, calls upon figurative arrangements seen in Egyptian tombs and...