Advising resources

Admission to the James Pearson Duffy Department of Art and Art History

  1. Students admitted as undergraduates at Wayne State University are eligible to elect majors in the Department of Art and Art History. However, because of the complexity of the curricula in the three major areas (Art, Art History, and Design and Merchandising) it is important to see a major advisor, formally declare a major and specify a concentration as soon as possible (see "Declaring a Major).
  2. Portfolio Reviews: Students transferring from another school and are planning to concentrate in Graphic Design, Interior Design or Industrial Design will need to have a portfolio review with the faculty in the appropriate area to determine level placement in the program. The review should be done before registering for any classes in the planned concentration.

Majors, Minors and Declaring a Major or Minor

If you already know what you would like to study and simply need to declare your major or minor, make changes through the online Declaration of Major or Minor Portal found at the following web address:

It is important that you are listed on the correct major list in the Department: Art, Art History, or Design and Merchandising. This allows copies of all your registration records and grade reports to be sent to the Department's undergraduate advisor so that you may be effectively guided through your course of study.

When you entered the University, you probably specified "art major", "art history major" or "fashion design and merchandising major" as your intended major. However, it is still important to officially declare your major.

Students who were admitted to the University but who did not specify either "art, art history, or fashion design and merchandising" as their intended major will not be designated as a student with a major in the Department of Art and Art History and will not be placed in the College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts. Any student who desires to major in one of the areas within the Department of Art and Art History must obtain a form from one of the two department advisors and proceed through the process to officially declare his/her major.

  1. Make an appointment with the Department of Art and Art History's Undergraduate Advisor (313) 577-2980.
  2. Have an academic audit which will show exactly what University Competencies and General Education Requirements you have completed, review your selected curriculum and obtain the proper signatures.
  3. Complete the form to declare your major which will also correctly place you in the College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts.  Your declaration of major will then be sent to the College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts Dean's office for final signatures and processing.

It is imperative that you seek regular advising. Some required courses are offered just once a year, or even once every other year. Your advisor can help you plan ahead. Students who attempt to advise themselves often end up taking longer to complete their degrees.

The faculty in each major or art concentration are also available for discussion of any other concerns that you may have. Please seek them out for help in any personal or academic problems that you encounter.

Snow days and other university cancellations

The Department of Art and Art History follows the policies of Wayne State University.  Wayne State, like most universities in North America, launched a new Broadcast Messaging Service to deliver emergency alerts and other significant messages to faculty, students, and staff. One of the features of this service is that you can choose how you want to receive most messages: by text on your cell phone, instant messages on your computer, or e-mail.

Get more information about the WSU Broadcast Messaging Service and the university's new Instant Messaging service (that uses a free IM client, called Spark).

Courses are often cancelled through email or blackboard by a single instructor. Be sure to activate and check your Wayne State email often.