Student Organizations


image: IDSO takes part in annual Student Org Day.

Department of Art and Art History Student Organizations

Student organizations in the James Pearson Duffy Department of Art and Art History offer opportunities for association with other art, art history, design, and fashion majors outside the usual academic setting.  The organizations usually hold special activities, field trips, and other events relating to each field.  Students are urged to participate in student organizations as they provide an excellent opportunity to gain broadening experiences, including leadership positions.  Check the various bulletin boards for information regarding these organizations or visit the main art office, 150 Art Building. 

Art History Student Organization
Students are gathering names of those interested in participating in the revival of this organization.  Proposed activities are study groups, outings to show openings and other art related events, greater relations with the Detroit Institute of Arts and their events. Students interested in participating in this organization should email

Centricity Art Company
Centricity Art Company aspires to unite and drive forward, the newest generation of the art world. Paired with charity work and fundraisers; We focus on educating and supplying art classes along with scholarship opportunities to Elementary, Middle and High School students. Besides our work with youth, here at Centricity we strive to create a vault of knowledge for all Fine Arts majors to pull from. Most art students have struggled in working with mediums they may lack experience in. We at Centricity hope to create a liberating environment where students can both, hone into their preferred mediums, and learn about others, thus expanding their portfolios and allowing them to reach their true potential as artists. Students interested in participating in this organization should email
Ceramics Guild
The Wayne State University Ceramics Guild provides a forum for students interested in ceramic art. The objectives of the organization shall be: to promote interest in the field of ceramics, to provide a forum for students in the making, showing, and discussion of ceramic art, to create opportunities for its members to improve their art and their careers as artists, and to connect with the Wayne State University campus and greater Detroit region.

FDMO, the Fashion Design and Merchandising Organization
FDMO is a student organization that is dedicated to the ideas of collaboration, creativity and community. Students of all majors, minors, and backgrounds are welcome to join in and gain event planning knowledge and indulge in fashion culture to shine light on the vibrant students of Wayne State and help make their vision into reality. Students interested in participating in this organization should email faculty advisor Margaret Hull.

Graphic Design
If interested in the Graphic Design Student Organization, please contact faculty advisor Danielle Aubert.

IDSO, Interior Design Student Organization
The Interior Design Student Organization is a fee-free social and educational organization open to all students within the Interior Design program. This organization is a platform to promote interaction between students of all levels within the program and allows students to share knowledge and participate in social events. Students interested in participating in this organization should email faculty advisor Claas Kuhnen.
For more information on art department student organizations or how to create one, visit the Dean of Students Office Student Organization  page.