Design & Merchandising Courses

2410 Textiles

Introduction to fibers, yarns, fabric construction, design and finishes and how they relate to selection, use and care of textile products.

2420 Fashion Design: Basic Construction

Application of color and design principles in construction of structured and unstructured garments.

3400 Clothing and Culture

Functions and meanings of dress in diverse cultures and contemporary society with an interdisciplinary approach.

3410 Textile Performance Analysis

Recent technological developments; introduction to textile testing, product analysis and industry specifications.

3420 Fashion Design: Advanced Construction

Advanced methods of garment construction and fitting techniques. Development of skills in garment fit, shape and finish techniques. Introduction to flat pattern manipulation to create custom bespoke garments.

3460 Introduction to Merchandising

Psychological, economic considerations. Terminology and structure of the fashion industry and career opportunities.

3470 Merchandise Information

Quality and value in merchandising. Manufacturing processes, government regulations and selling points in hard and soft lines.

4430 Fashion Illustration

Basic fashion rendering techniques using a variety of media.

4990 Directed Study

5422 Fashion Design: Flat Pattern

Original designs from a basic sloper.

5430 History of Costume

Survey of historic costumes from prehistoric to present. Emphasis on influence of social factors.

5442 Fashion Design: Draping

Creation of original garments by draping on half-scale and standard-size dress forms.

5452 Fashion Design: Tailoring

Tailoring techniques applied to coats and suits.

5460 Merchandising II

Current trends in merchandising. Emphasis on global aspects.

5470 Visual Merchandising: Display

Visual merchandising concepts and trends. Relationship of design elements and principles to the tools and structures used in display. Creative experimentation in the various media.

5490 Economics of Merchandising

Application of merchandising principles and systematic planning to achieve profit goals.

5992 Supervised Field Experience

Supervised field experience designed to correlate classroom theory with practical work.

5997 Seminar

Topics to be announced in Schedule of Classes. Course satisfies the General Education Writing Intensive Course in the Major requirement. Offered for undergraduate credit only.

6440 Computer-Aided Design for Apparel Design

Use of computer-aided design software applied to apparel design concepts; garment designing, grading, and marker-making.

7410 Practicum in Textile Testing

Recent developments in textiles and quality assurance practices. Standardized testing methods to determine textile properties and performance. No credit after AFA 3410.

7850 Seminar

Development and practice of the research process and effective writing skills.

7990 Directed Study

Individual projects.