VRC Services

Space Use

Visual Resources supports faculty, student, and staff activities by providing access to rooms and equipment for departmental business, instruction, demonstrations, tech talks, guestspeakers, practicing presentations, individual and group study, art history student organizations, and informal gatherings.

Days and times the rooms may available are Monday-Friday between 9 am and 5 pm.

CLICK HERE for more information about VRC space usage.


Luna (art and architecture image database):

Group or individual instructional sessions are available to learn more about how to use LUNA, the university’s study and teaching resource of art and architecture images.LUNA accounts are available to anyone who has a WSU Access ID.  Registered users have the ability to create Media Groups and Presentations for teaching and study purposes. To access the LUNA instruction request form for an instructional session with the staff, please click on the LUNA Instruction Request Form.

For additional LUNA information, click here.


SELF-SERVE: For individuals who would like to create scans on their own for teaching and/or learning purposes, a (size of the glass…name the equipment) is available, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm for faculty, staff and students in Room 307, Schaver.  To request a time slot to use the scanner, please click on the Self-Serve Scanning Request Form (link here).

Scanning services are available to faculty and students for instructional use of digitized imagery. Slides should be dropped off in the VRC, Room 209, Schaver between 9 am-5 pm Monday-Friday.  Drop-off shelf is to the left as you enter the room. The VRC will begin processing the request once it receives BOTH the source material and the completed


Faculty are welcome to make image requests.  We strive to complete most orders within two weeks.

To make a request:

  1. Fill out the Image Request Form – this form can be submitted electronically by sending an email to vrc@wayne.edu with the subject: 'VRC - Image Request' OR print out and submit in hardcopy form with your source materials.
  2. Drop-off source materials (books, slides, etc.) at the VRC, Room 209, Schaver.  The Faculty Request shelf is just to your left as you enter the VRC.

The VRC is open Monday-Friday 9 AM – 5 PM.


Images are cataloged and uploaded to LUNA.  

If you have questions or would like to request additional services, please contact vrc@wayne.edu with the specifics of your request. Please include the date that you will require the imagery and the type and number of scans requested. (This request form may also be downloaded to fill out and include with materials to be scanned.

Support for faculty and students is also available at the library. Here are a few links to library resources offering assistance with teaching and learning.


Wayne State Writing Center 

Instruction and Information Literacy

Faculty/Graduate Research Support

Copyright Info

Copyright Guidelines for Posting Documents to Blackboard

If you have any questions about services, please contact vrc@wayne.edu and we will be happy to assist you.