Wayne State University

Brian Madigan

Brian Madigan

  •  214 Palazzo Schaver

  • Associate Professor, Art History

Academic Interests


1. Historia tacuit: Andrea Fulvio’s “Illustrium imagines” and the Beginnings of Classical Archaeology, forthcoming



2. The ceremonial Sculptures of the Roman Gods. Leiden: Brill 2012


3. Corinthian and Attic Vases in the Detroit Institute of Arts : Geometric, Black-Figure, and Red-Figure. Leiden: Brill 2008


4. The Temple of Apollo Bassitas. Vol II: The Sculpture. Princeton: American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 1992.



current essay projects:

“The Life of the small Statue in the public World of Greece and Rome,” forthcoming

The Severan painted tondo in Berlin and the operation of the imperial cult (collaborative)

The sculptural decoration for the Circus Maximus in Rome

collaborative study of the sacred image in the ancient Mediterranean world

PhD University of Minnesota, art history
AM Rutgers University, art history
MA University of New Brunswick, English literature
AB Rutgers University, English literature

courses taught:
AH 1110: Survey of Western art history, 1
AH 3070: Art and Archaeology of ancient Egypt
AH 3210: The History and urban Development of Rome [taught in Rome]
AH 3240: Mythology in Greek Art
AH 5210: Hellenistic Art
AH 5250: Ancient Rome
AH 5260: Classical Greek Art
AH 5270: Roman Painting and Sculpture
AH 5310: The ancient City of Athens
AH 5320: Classical Architecture in Britain
AH 5997: Seminar: The History and urban Development of Rome [taught in Rome]
AH 5997: Seminar: The cult Statue in Antiquity
AH7020: Seminar in Greek and Roman Art History

Awards and Honors

J. Paul Getty Foundation grant, publication subsidy for The Temple of Apollo Bassitas II: The Sculpture, 1991.

Millard Meiss Publication Fund of the College Art Association, publication subsidy for The Temple of Apollo, Bassitas, II: The Sculpture, 1991.


research interests:
Greek sculpture, Classical and Hellenistic; Roman sculpture; the afterlife of Classicism and the history of archaeology