WSU art alums participate in group exhibition at 4731 Gallery through 11/30...

The Detroit News

"4731 Gallery displays some of Detroit's best painters"

by Michael H. Hodges

The "2012 Painting Invitational" at Detroit's 4731 Gallery features some of our best local painters in an exhibit extended through the end of November. "Invitational" features 12 artists including Kristin Beaver '04, Taurus Burns, Marianne Audrey Burrows, Matthew Hanna, Birgit Huttemann-Holz, Donald Mendelson '66 '68, Linda Mendelson '67 '69, Craig Paul Nowak, Jon Parlangeli '94, Lisa Poszywak, Gilda Snowden '77 '79 and Bryant Tillman, who curated the show. Wayne State University art history professor Dennis A. Nawrocki '64 '81 says he's long admired Tillman's work. '2012 Painting Invitational' runs through Nov. 30 at the 4731 Gallery.