Prof. Mendoza co-creates Dlectricity installation...

Inspired by nighttime arts festivals from around the world, DLECTRICITY, Detroit’s new nighttime, contemporary light art festival, hosts 35 local, national and international artists whose cutting edge works of art and installations illuminate the historic architecture of Midtown on October 5 and 6, 2012.

Notional Field, created by Cristobal Mendoza and Annica Cuppetelli, is a site-specific installation at Wayne State University's Welcome Center that reacts to each viewer’s motion through interactive light projected upon a structure made of strings, creating fluid and dynamic interference patterns on illuminated surfaces.

The 35 artists of DLECTRICITY transform Midtown's Woodward corridor into an illuminated urban spectacle for thousands of visitors of all ages during this free, two-night, family-friendly, first-time event. A complete listing of DLECTRICITY artists and events may be found at ... or click the DLECTRICITY banner above.

See images of Mendoza and Cuppetelli with Notional Field in a Detroit Free Press photo slide show.

Also, read DLECTRICITY's press release here.