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APH 5450, Art as Activism:

So you say you want a revolution? In this section of APH 5450, Selected Topics in Photography, which is cross listed with the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies' PCS 5100, you'll work from your own value system, and informed by current events, to explore art as activism. Camera phones to social networking to street art, the personal is political. Course highlights include:

  • connecting with local activist communities through Detroit's Boggs Center
  • optional field trip to Chicago, visiting the photography archives of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and getting an inside view of the gallery scene

The course is listed with a prereq. of APH 4410 but all majors are invited to discuss inclusion in the course with the instructor, Assoc. Prof. Marilyn Zimmerman. All levels of technology are invited, from cell phone cameras to SLRs, video and more. Performing arts majors and any media arts also are invited.

Marilyn Zimmerman
Associate Professor, James Pearson Duffy Department of Art and Art History
Artist in Residence, WSU's Center for Peace and Conflict Studies

APH 5450 Selected Topics in Photography CRN 16362 3-6 credits 6:30-9:15 T R Old Main Room 4342 Department of Art and Art History, College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts. Register online.

(Photo credit:  Marilyn Zimmerwoman)


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APH 3410, Intermediate Photography:

APH 3410 Intermediate Photography
T Th 11:45AM - 02:30PM 08/31/11 - 12/20/11 4346 MAIN  Kingery, Deborah 3.000

Course Description: Further refinement of basic skills and concepts of image making techniques. Emphasis on image and idea. Medium Format, specifically, square composition, portfolio production, and gallery presentation are explored.

Don't miss this opportunity to explore traditional darkroom and classic black and white. Showcase your completed portfolios in a professional gallery exhibit.

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APH 2420, Introduction to Digital Imaging: 

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