Jacob Gallery's NO.TOWN contains "pleasing knockouts" (DetNews)...

Real Detroit Weekly, 4/11; The Detroit News, 4/12

"German artists offer up their Motor City view"

by Michael H. Hodges (DetNews)

A German curator approached Berlin artists, some quite well known, and asked them to select or create work embodying their view of Detroit. The resulting show, NO.TOWN beyond the wall / berlin artists in detroit at Wayne State University's Elaine L. Jacob Gallery, has a number of pieces that are pleasing knockouts. "The artists were very interested in the common ground between Detroit and Berlin," says WSU galleries director Tom Pyrzewski, "everything from techno music to abandoned buildings, which exist in Berlin as well and are utilized by artists." NO.TOWN beyond the wall / berlin artists in detroit runs through June 22 at the Elaine L. Jacob Gallery. An image of Gerrit Engel's photograph, Palace of the Republic #133, is included.