Digital Photography I, APH 2420, is offered spring '13...

APH 2420 Digital Photography I

Spring Semester 2013 / Tuesday 9:30-3:00 / 3 credits

Through this course students explore the use of Photoshop CS5 software to produce digital images and develop the necessary skills for: data capture, file management, image processing, scanning and inkjet printing. In addition, lectures and selected readings highlight the work of contemporary photographers as well as common themes from photo history to the present. Through creative assignments, group critiques and field trips we explore the elements of composition, lighting and other aesthetic choices, as well as the basics of visual storytelling. Each student creates a body of work for their final project that incorporates an understanding of digital processes, knowledge of contemporary art and personal narrative. This course is open to both photo and non-photo majors.

Shanna Merola is a part-time instructor in photography. She holds a BFA in photography from VCU and an MFA in photography from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Locally, her work has been exhibited at the Cranbrook Art Museum, the Scarab Club, Studio Couture, the Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography, the Detroit Artists Market and MONA. Merola is a long-time political activist who seeks to strengthen the connections between activism and artistic practice in both her own work and her community. She is involved in grassroots efforts and social media projects through the James and Grace Lee Boggs Center to Nurture Leadership and the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality. Her most recent body of work explores how our current political climate and national anxieties are shaped by the mediated representation of events in American history.

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