Digital Imaging II, APH 3420, offered fall 2013...

Fall 2013 • APH 3420 MW 03:00PM-05:45PM – Digital Imaging II

Course Description: Advanced work with image editing and manipulation programs. Use of more advanced editing techniques, including masks, paths, layers and channels. Introduction to digital cameras. Experiment with output methods including transparency and image transfer.

Digital Imaging II focuses on refining digital editing skills, the making of fine art photographic prints and portfolios, and the conceptual development of student photographic work. We will explore the use of Photoshop CS5 software to effectively work with images from collecting and storing, to manipulating and correcting, to outputting for prints and the web. Lectures, field trips, and selected readings will highlight the work of contemporary photographers as well as common themes from photo history to the present.

Through creative assignments, group critiques, and portfolio development we will explore the elements of composition, lighting, and other aesthetic choices, as well as the fundamentals of visual storytelling and communication. Each student will create a body of work for their final project that will incorporate an understanding of digital processes, knowledge of contemporary art and personal narrative. This course is open to both photo and non-photo majors.

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