Wayne State University

Art Prof. Zimmerman is the subject of an exhibition in Chicago through 2/25...

Proposed by former Wayne State University students Steve Boni, Jon Pickell and Donita Simpson, and hosted by Chicago's ARC Gallery, the exhibition MARILYN: Artist as Icon is an intriguing look at an iconic name inspiring revisionist glitterati blondes and a continual redigestion of the Marilyn personality. The artist/educator/activist born Marilyn Zimmerman has been re-envisioned, recorded, and re-assigned various roles and held projections including admirers as well as toxic projections from within the culture wars. This exhibit presents the life of a unique individual revealed through images made during a career spanning over 30 years.

MARILYN: Artist as Icon includes works by Tom Allen '91, Steve Boni '82 '84, Rick Bielaczyc '85, Rick Bruner '83, Greg Campbell, Susan Carman-Vian '84, Topher Crowder '07 '10, Bryce Denison '90, Judy Eliyas, Ed Fraga '80, Stephanie Henderson, Ken Josephson, Peter Lenzo '89 '92, Eric Mesko '73 '88 '90, Jon Pickell '84, Erin Robinson, Stanley Rosenthal '67, Jack Sal, Michael Sarnacki '80, Mona Shahid '05, Donita Simpson '81 '84 '91, Steve Sprague, Jack O. Summers '62 '70, Millee Tibbs, Alan Truhan '11, Robert Warhover and more. It is on view at ARC Gallery through February 25, 2012.