Art Prof. Abt, Lecturer Standfest, comment on Detroit Artists Market...

The Detroit News

"Detroit gallery a canvas of new talent"

by Michael H. Hodges

The Detroit Artists Market (DAM) on Woodward at Hancock, one of the city's oldest galleries, has demonstrated real staying power in a community where galleries pop up and vanish overnight. "DAM performs one function that can't be overstated, particularly for younger artists," said board member and Wayne State University professor Jeffrey Abt. "It validates their work." The Artists Market remains a gallery where someone starting out can show alongside established names. Many of those who graduated to high-powered commercial galleries will often lend a piece if asked for group exhibitions. Ryan Standfest, who teaches at Wayne State University, is one of those younger artists. He applauds the mix. "I like the known and unknown hanging next to each other," he said. Abt adds, "To give someone an exhibition who's never had one — to get that kind of recognition — is a pat on the back that can really help.”