Art Dept. Gallery presents MFA 1 Thesis Exhibition...

, 1/24

Wayne State University MFA 1 Thesis Exhibition

Reviewer Jim Welke overviews a current WSU art exhibition for Artifizz, a conglomerate of art critic blogs. The show ‘MFA 1 Thesis Exhibition’ is on view now through Feb. 7 and exhibits the work of graduate students Emilee Arter, Clara DeGalan and Alex Drummer. ‘MFA 2,’ the work of a different group of grad students, opens Feb. 14. “Clara W. DeGalan, a Detroit native, finesses large charcoal drawings with skill that astonishes,” Welke writes. “Alex Drummer earned a bachelor of fine arts in metalworking. For his master’s thesis show, he presents a series of knitted beard triptychs that surely set a mind to wondering. Emilee Arter offers big, sculptural works formed of various natural and synthetic fabrics along with tape and other fasteners. These pieces will likely mystify the viewer on first approach — the drapes and folds confront the viewer with seemingly chaotic turmoil.”


New Monitor, 1/16

MFA Exhibit at WSU

Wayne State University’s James Pearson Duffy Department of Art and Art History will present the WSU MFA Thesis Exhibition Jan. 17-Feb. 7. The three Master of Fine Arts candidates exhibiting this year are painters Emilee Arter, Clara DeGalan and metal artist Alex Drummer. The opening reception for the artists is Friday, Jan. 17, 5-8 p.m.

View the art department's Jan. 3 media release about the show MFA 1 Thesis Exhibition.