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Register for APH 5450, Detroit Communities: Art as Activism

APH 5450, Detroit Communities: Art as Activism, T&Th 3-5:45 pm
Art majors, Urban Studies majors, CPCS students and all invited
Contact zimmerwoman@wayne.edu for more information
Prerequisites waived

These times call for new paradigms. Join the Revolution of the Heart and reclaim the connection of Art with Life. What is important for today is not the manufacturing of things as much as it is the creation of a people; towards becoming more creative, conscious, politically engaged and socially responsible human beings. The making of Art as Social Practice/Activism is blooming in Detroit and such artists nationally and internationally are called to make this their home.

We will meet these artists, work with them, and develop a stronger fabric of community within the classroom with this expanded civic creative class. We will also strive to create a mediating dialogue with these artists and with seasoned social justice practitioners from the Boggs Center. Grace Lee Boggs’ The Next American Revolution: Sustainable Activism for the 21st Century in lieu of a textbook used, and all levels of photography invited (cell phones to Canon SLRs to video to text!). Through field trips, photography, visiting artists and serving new museums, centers, organizations and schools we will reweave a stronger fabric of creative community.

It is through interaction with others that self is created; as individuals develop their human potential primarily through involvement in community. It is when you become radicalized which decides your politics. What does that mean for here and now? We will mine the creative depths of current grassroots activism and connect with such activities and art resources as:  the new Hellenic Museum of Michigan and a community photography exhibit, Salt and Cedar letterpress studio, Swords into Plowshares Peace Center and Gallery, DABL African Bead Museum’s aural story-telling. Join the two-fold transformation of individual creative growth and structural change as we learn through creative service, experience and expression. Join the revolutionary, solutionary methods of creating identity via community and individualism through collective service.

"Education should be of the heart, hand and mind."  -- Gandhi

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