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Art history major Valerie Sobczak teaches at HYPE Teen Center Makerspace...

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"Creative life is how you make it"

by Amy Kuras

An article highlights the creativity and community outreach efforts of Mt. Elliott Makerspace, a space that houses a woodshop, bike repair, screen printing equipment, and a dizzying variety of electronics, among other things. Its founder says the space is a place for transforming lives; to break the cycle of poverty and racism, and to hand people the tools for determining their own future. Valerie Sobczak is a student in Wayne State’s honors program and teaches the Detroit Public Library's HYPE Teen Center Makerspace's wearables class with Christine Ferguson. Teaching each other is, she says, the essence of maker culture, and it’s something she sees the teens do all the time. "My favorite part is after I have taught a craft, someone turns to me and asks a question and another teen starts answering," she says. "When that happens in our own space it makes me really happy."