Wayne State University

Minor in Animation and Interactivity

Course work in this minor will be presented through the lens of New Media developments in Contemporary Art, while providing students a framework where they will build skills in motion graphics, web content creation, video game, character and asset design, and user experience design across various platforms and methods. Exploring the topics through fine arts perspective, will train students to research and develop ideas as creative producers; with the aim to foster innovative and critical thinking within digital media.

Minor Requirements: Students pursuing a Minor in Animation and Interactivity must complete 21 credits, distributed as follows:

ART HISTORY choose one (3 credits)

  • AH 1110 – Survey of Art History: Ancient through Medieval (3 cr)
  • AH 1120 – Survey of Art History: Renaissance through Modern (3 cr)
  • AH 1130 – Global Arts of Africa (3 cr)

Complete ALL of the following requirements:

  • ACO 1270 – Time Studio (3 cr)
  • ADA 2210 – Intro to Digital Practices (3 cr)
  • ADA 3220 – Interactivity in Art (3 cr)
  • ADA 4220 – Experimental 2D Animation (3 cr)
  • ADA 4230 – Experimental 3D Animation (3 cr)
  • ADA 4240 – Advanced Interactivity in Art (3 cr)

To declare your minor, fill out the online Declaration of Major or Minor Portal