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Graphic Design

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Judith Moldenhauer
(MFA Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison) Associate Professor of Graphic Design
Research Interests: Healthcare information design; design of maps, instructions, and forms; typography; user-centered design
Danielle Aubert
(MFA Yale) Assistant Professor of Graphic Design
Research Interests: The adaptive re-use of printers, software, typography and paper

Program description

What is this program?

Graphic Design deals with visual communications - the interaction of words and images to inform, educate, persuade or advocate. It seeks to inform, educate, persuade and advocate through the interaction of words and images. The objective of the Graphic Design Program at WSU is to enable students to become innovative, intelligent and responsible designers. Wayne State's program educates students to think broadly about design, to focus on the informational and problem-solving nature of graphic design and to visualize their design ideas. Graduates of the program are prepared to tackle a wide variety of career opportunities in design. These include areas such as publication design, exhibition design, multimedia design, instructional material design, package design, web page design and architectural signage.

What will I study?

  • Information Design.
  • Address situations through concepts skills and methodologies, to be innovative designers that impacts others lives.
  • User-based design where students learn to design for people through human interaction.
  • To discover the world around them and innovatively communicate those ideas in creative ways.
  • An interdisciplinary and collaborative endeavor.

What makes this program unique?

Facilities / Equipment
Classroom with 20" iMac computers, scanner and wacom drawing tablets.
Ceiling mounted digital projection systems for instruction in classrooms and labs.
Printers: B&W Laser, Color Laser.
Large format Printer: Up to 48"wide.
Critiquing Studio with 20 Drafting tables.
6 black/2 color printers up to tabloid, scanners.
Open computer lab with 18 iMac stations with scanner and wacom drawing tablets and posted lab hours.
Premium CS 4 Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, AfterEffect, Bridge, FinalCut Pro, Dreamweaver, and Flash.
FontLab Studio - Typeface design.
Large collection of Type Fonts.
Microsoft Office.
State of the art network infrastructure and server capabilities.
Opportunities / ETC
US/EU FIPSE Grant (US Dept of ED) for the exchange of Faculty and students on the topic information design 02-06.
Other international opportunities.
Undergraduate research grant recipient to present designs for the project Data Design for Decisions held in Paris, France in June 2009.
Fall 2009 students from Wayne state will work collaboratively with students from Malardalen University, Sweden on a package design project.
Winter 2005 Graphic Design Study Tour to Germany.
Visiting Artists - Karen Cheng, University of Washington to speak on Designing Type.
Paul Elliman - Winter 2010 Sound and Visual Design.

What does the program prepare me for?

Object Labels
Exhibition Design
Healthcare & Government
Environmental Design
Graphic Designer
Production Artist
Digital Artist
Prepress Specialist
Desktop Publisher
Creative Director
Art Director
Production Director
Studio Manager