Wayne State University

Portfolio Check FAQ

Do I have a better chance of being accepted to Wayne State University and the art program if I opt to submit images through the admissions process?

No. Unlike the academic transcripts and the statement of intent, the portfolio does not play a role in the admission review process. Portfolios are reviewed with the goal of identifying the creative and technical skills, abilities and potential of each applicant with how it applies to the students' entrance into the proper academic program.

How should I name my files?

  • Lastname_Worktitle_year.jpg
  • For example: Trimble_Nearending_2012.jpg

What type of work should I submit?

You should always submit what you feel to be your best work.  Submitting good quality images of pieces that best represent your skill-set and understanding of different techniques would be the best approach.

Who will see my work?

Your work will be reviewed by the department art advisors.  In some cases, information may be passed on to members of the faculty in the Art and Art History Department or to committee members that determine scholarships.