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All students contemplating enrollment in the Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Art or Bachelor of Science (Fashion Design and Merchandising) should see the one of the department's two undergraduate advisors prior to his/her first period of enrollment. The office is located in the main office of the Department of Art and Art History, 150 Art Building, (313) 577-2980. Subsequently, the student should meet with the advisor prior to every registration period.

You will now receive ONE-STOP advising. You no longer go to the Academic Advising Center for general education advising. Instead, you will have one advisor in this department who will provide comprehensive advising in both general education and your major. Your advisor will create a plan of work with you based on your goals and life choices.

Who is my advisor?

Avanti Herczeg
For last names A - M: Schedule and appointment with Avanti by clicking here
Office location:  216 Schaver Building Phone: 313.577.2980

Michele Porter
For last names N - Z:  Schedule and appointment with Michele by clicking here.
Office location:  150 Art Building Phone: 313.577.2980

Your advisor is here to work with you to achieve your goals AND to save you time and money. So seek advising on a regular basis.

Transfer students should consult the department's undergraduate advisor immediately upon entering Wayne State University. For this consultation, students should have transcripts of previous courses from all previous institutions. The undergraduate advisors in the Department of Art and Art History are primarily responsible for overall department advising and meet with students by appointment. A student also needs to consult with the full-time faculty in his/her chosen area of concentration. Office hours for faculty members are posted in the Department of Art and Art History office, 150 Art Building. For other times, appointments may be made by emailing the faculty members directly.

Changing advisors

Once you have declared your major and been advised, you may request to change advisors. To do so, you would schedule an appointment with your current advisor and make the request.

Making an appointment

Please call 313-577-2980 if you need assistance scheduling an appointment.

Canceling an appointment

Out of courtesy to your fellow students, please remember to cancel an appointment if you cannot come so that others may be served.

Need an override for a course?  Online departmental Override submission form

If you already know what you would like to study and simply need to declare your major or minor, make changes through the online Declaration of Major or Minor Portal found at the following web address:   https://forms.wayne.edu/59b69d049c91b/


Graduate students

Instructions for graduate admissions are available by contacting the Graduate Officer of the Department of Art and Art History at graduateartanddesign@wayne.edu.

Art Studio Arts Program 

 Art History Graduate Program